Spoon - Alien Themed Hand Pipe With Slyme Accents
Empire Glassworks

Alien Themed Hand Pipe with Slyme Accents

Regular price $61.99 Sale price $71.99
The elongated alien head turns upside down to load the generously portioned spoon. One of the eyes doubles as an always-welcome side carb for adding some fresh air to each inhale. Smoke flows through the spine-like neck to the sleek mouthpiece. It’s easy to see in such fine craftsmanship that the artists and owners at Empire Glassworks have been in the business for over four decades, taking their inspiration from films, seasons, and various species. So pop on Predator, add Tim Burton’s Alien to the queue, and prepare to impress with this perfect accessory. There’s nothing like having the perfect pipe to enhance your alien movie marathon.

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