Silicon Blocks - 4 Pack Dank Tools
Silicon Blocks - 4 Pack Dank Tools
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Silicon Blocks - 4 Pack

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Lego inspired silicone storage just took your concentrate routine to the next level. Four ErrlyBird concentrate jars measure 3cm by 3cm of stackable storage. This inspired design lets you separate concentrates to pace yourself throughout the week or keep different extracts in different containers. Silicone has quickly become the must-have companion for concentrates, because the dynamic duo elevate the experience with ease of use. Silicone is so smooth even the stickiest of extracts slide right off the surface. The material is also durable and resilient in your pocket or purse – it won’t shatter or split, it just bounces back! The four pack design also allows wax fans to bring just the right amount on the go for pairing with a vape or a friendly BYOC occasion. These Silicone Storage Blocks are proudly crafted right here in America for 100% Made in USA quality. Colors vary between each set.

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