4" GRAV® Glass Blunt

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Glass blunts are the ideal party adornment: Just stuff, puff and pass. The GRAV Glass Blunt is molded like a chillum yet holds unmistakably more green.

Contained with external sleeve that fits around a thin mouthpiece that has a squeezed end, it's intended to filter fiery debris in transit in. The two pieces are held together by a fragment of exclusively fitted warmth recoil tubing. To utilize, slide mouthpiece far from external sleeve and fill. As the substance are scorched, just slide the mouthpiece back and tap tenderly to evacuate slag.


  • Branded Glass
  • Clear Glass
  • Hand Pipe
  • Made for Dry Herbs
  • Carry it anywhere!
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Portable
  • Scientific Glass
  • Thick Glass

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