Chubbler Bubbler Pipe Spill Proof Water Pipe

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The Chubbler Bubbler is a great pocket pipe. We offer pipes and bongs that are made with awesome thick glass. Our glass chubblers are spill proof, compact, and can be handheld. This is a portable easy to use and similar to a spoon, but it is has a complex internal system with several chambers that filters the smoke, and is easy to clean.


All you have to do is fill the internal chamber with water, which is poured through the mouthpiece, enough that it percolates. When you need to clean and empty your chubbler pipe, all you have to do is blow air through the mouthpiece and this forces the dirty water through the choke.


Compact, easy portability, but filters like a larger glass bubbler and hits the sweet spot. Perfect for the individual who loves water filtration but wants a pocket bubbler on the go.